Identity And Access Management (IAS) Software

Our secured enterprise software delivers powerful insights and access control, wherever you are.

  • Available on any device
  • Communicates with on-site locks via smartphones
  • Cloud-based or behind-the-firewall software configurations to meet enterprise requirements
  • Real-time end-to-end application interfaces, data and communications
  • Enforces applicable security policies and workflow processes during online and offline use
  • Integrates with your data, alarm systems and processes to eliminate redundant database management
  • Data protected by high security encryption and digital certificates
Laptop showing the login screen of SES software.

mIAS Smartphone App

Put technician access control and intrusion alarm management in the palm of your hand with our easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Manages alarms and locks doors with the click of a button
  • Connects seamlessly to IAS and low-energy
  • Bluetooth-enabled on-site locks
  • Compatible with Android OS 4.3 and Apple iOS 9.0 or higher
A black iPhone 8 showing a screen from the SES app.

Access Control Units

Built to withstand the most challenging environments, our ACUs help you manage door security more efficiently.

  • Control one to sixteen doors with a single ACU
  • Military-grade encryption and anti-spoofing security
  • Fire-resistant, space-efficient enclosure for surface or rack mounting
  • NEBS and UL certified
  • Battery-safe design with manual key override capabilities
1 U Rack Mount Access Control Unit
2 Channel Access Control Unit
4 Channel Access Control Unit

High Security Locking Hardware

Whether you’re securing poles, cabinets or shelters, we offer the most rugged protection for your remote assets.

Pole and Cabinet Locking Hardware

Pole Blocker

SES Integrated Lock

The highest pole and cabinet security solution for single and multi-door applications.


SES High Security Vault

Fast, affordable protection for securing keys or tools on-site

Custom Solutions to Address Unique Challenges

SES’s dedicated engineering team specializes in developing and adapting innovation to solve industry problems not addressed to date.  With its proven products, best-in-class software, electronics and mechanical solution set, SES engages Customers to fully understand their specific requirements.  The result is always an optimal solution with a compelling return on customer investment.  Whether your needs involve specialized enclosures, access privileges, power limitations, lock configurations, and/or integration with alarms, systems and equipment, SES is your partner for success.

Exciting new security and access control products are in development.  Watch for launch -scheduled for 2020!

A close up of computer code on a black screen with the left and right edges blurred.


A black and white electronic schematic diagram.


A mechanical drawing with a drawing compass, pencil, and ruler on top of the drawing on the right side.