Sites can be comprised of several different types of enclosures such as poles, cabinets, shelters, gates and other configurations.


People depend on your network to make calls and data collection, and your network depends on the security of your sites, shelters, cabinet enclosures, and small cell poles. How can you ensure operational uptime, asset security and business continuity when you have countless technicians visiting tens of thousands of sites daily?

3 cellphone towers


With renewable energy sources gaining momentum across the country, providers need an affordable, scalable solution to secure thousands of remote wind and solar based sites. Sharing keys or codes with countless technicians is time-consuming and compromises the security of your most valuable assets. Using a smartphone, you or your technicians can unlock sites anytime to perform maintenance, upgrades or repairs.

Energy Photo Two workers standing next to each other, one is holding a computer and pointing to wind turbines in the background.


The transportation industry maintains hundreds of thousands of remotely located shelters and cabinet enclosures that are used to monitor operations. The rail industry is an example of many that require access control and field service management information to most effectively and efficiently manage their remote cabinet enclosed assets. For mobile containers, secure your assets traveling by sea, rail, and land while uncovering new ways to reduce operating costs. SES provides a flexible and easy-to-deploy solution that can provide access to information and control for these types of sites.

A train carrying shipping containers in a train yard filled with shipping containers.

Intermodal Freight 

Intermodal shipping containers cannot be ignored. Protect your valuable freight with secure locks and access control throughout all phases of the transportation cycle – ship, rail and road.

A construction vehicle loading a shipping freight container on to an 18 wheel truck flat bed.


Make sure only the right people can access your critical infrastructure remote sites providing electricity, water, gas, etc., all with the tap of a phone. With SES, you can easily manage site access to ensure uptime, deliver critical services and enhance efficiency.

An electric power transformer

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