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Protect thousands of remote sites at once with powerful software and a connected network of high security hardware. Grant access with a simple mobile app instead of keys.
A chart with the SES logo in the middle with 4 grey right angle lines leaving the logo which extend to text in all four corners. In the upper left corner are the words "WHO J. Smith." In the upper right corner are the words "WHY HIGH TEMP ALARM." In the bottom left corner are the words "WHERE STATION 6." In the bottom right corner are the words "WHEN 10:04 UTC."
A cell tower illustrating the word telecom.


A train in a train yard illustrating the word rail.


Two workers standing next to each other, one is holding a computer and pointing to wind turbines illustrating the word energy.


A construction vehicle loading a freight container on to an 18 wheel truck illustrating the words intermodal freight.

Intermodal Freight

Provide your business with the SES advantage.

Implement keyless entry across poles, cabinets, shelters, and portable applications. Manage access in real-time and collect valuable insights for improving efficiency — all from a single mobile and desktop software solution.


Grant or revoke site access permissions


Allow on-demand or define specific time slots


Review full-feature audit trail reporting


Improve efficiencies and reduce field service costs

SES software on a cell phone and laptop.


From technicians in the field, to supervisors covering large geographies, our secured enterprise software delivers powerful capabilities wherever you are.

3 examples of access control unit hardware.

Access Control Units

Built to withstand the most challenging environments, our ACUs help you manage door security more efficiently.

3 examples of high security locking hardware.

High Security Locking Hardware

Whether you’re securing poles, cabinets or shelters, we offer the most rugged protection for your remote assets.

A circuit board with a binary background and the outline of a key in the center.

Custom Solutions

SES understands the unique needs of today’s enterprise and can build custom solutions for even the most complex applications.

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