With SES’s Security Solutions You Can Quickly And Simply:

  • Grant or Revoke Site Access Permissions
  • Allow On-Demand or Define Specific Time Slots (Time-Fence)
  • Review Full-Feature Audit Trail Reporting
  • Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Field Service Costs
A black iPhone 8 showing a screen from the SES app.
A white octagon with a bright red border and black text with the words "DOOR Apply Door # Here, TO ACCESS SITE, SCAN THE QR CODE, DOWNLOAD THE SES APP" followed by a QR code and the SES logo.

The SES Advantage

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Keyless Entry

  • Decrease time, cost, and risk due to no physical key management
  • No disruptive site visits
  • No rekeying and core change outs
  • Reduces risk of key copying and theft
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Real-Time Access Control Management

  • Decrease service time and cost
  • Preauthorized access to streamline service time
  • On-demand remote controlled access
  • Improved site protection
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Data Security

  • Technician signs into the SES system in seconds with their smartphone
  • Integrates with your data, alarm systems and processes
  • Cloud-based or behind-the-firewall configurations to meet enterprise high availability & security requirements
  • Data protected by high-security encryption and digital certificates
  • Flexible platform – SES integrates with best-in-class technology products to deliver unmatched security solutions
A black alarm clock containing a red rounded corner equilateral triangle with an exclamation mark in the center.

Integrates Site Access Alarm Management

  • Reduce unnecessary expenses, site visits, and disruptions from false alarms
  • Alarm notification only if real breach
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Improve response time to protect and maintain critical site operations
A black 3 story building with a red door followed by a black and white chart with 3 bullet points, the middle bullet point is red.

Site Access Audit Trail

  • Optimize service operational efficiencies
  • Service call verification
  • Time management oversight

Success Story!


Since deploying SES solutions at tens of thousands of its remote sites, one large telecommunications provider has been able to:

  • Achieve cost savings with a return on investment
  • Improve field service operational efficiencies through fewer site visits, access issues, false alarms, and theft
  • Significantly reduce site intrusions
  • Reduced risk and liability of service disruption
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