With SES’s Security Solutions You Can Quickly And Simply:

  • Grant or Revoke Site Access Permissions
  • Allow On-Demand or Define Specific Time Slots (Time-Fence)
  • Review Full-Feature Audit Trail Reporting
  • Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Field Service Costs

With SES’s Security Solutions You Can Quickly And Simply:

  • Grant or Revoke Site Access Permissions
  • Allow On-Demand or Define Specific Time Slots (Time-Fence)
  • Review Full-Feature Audit Trail Reporting
  • Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Field Service Costs

The SES Advantage

Keyless Entry

  • Decrease time, cost, and risk due to no physical key management
  • No disruptive site visits
  • No rekeying and core change outs
  • Reduces risk of key copying and theft

Real-Time Access Control Management

  • Decrease service time and cost
  • Preauthorized access to streamline service time
  • On-demand remote controlled access
  • Improved site protection

Data Security

  • Technician signs into the SES system in seconds with their smartphone
  • Integrates with your data, alarm systems and processes
  • Cloud-based or behind-the-firewall configurations to meet enterprise high availability & security requirements
  • Data protected by high-security encryption and digital certificates
  • Flexible platform – SES integrates with best-in-class technology products to deliver unmatched security solutions

Integrates Site Access Alarm Management

  • Reduce unnecessary expenses, site visits, and disruptions from false alarms
  • Alarm notification only if real breach
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Improve response time to protect and maintain critical site operations

Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • The SES solution prevents unnecessary field technician site access support trips
  • Vehicles contribute 24% of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Fewer miles driven means less carbon emissions
  • Potential tax savings
  • A significant contribution towards corporate GHG emission reduction goals

Site Access Audit Trail

  • Optimize service operational efficiencies
  • Service call verification
  • Time management oversight

Success Story!


Since deploying SES solutions at tens of thousands of its remote sites, one large telecommunications provider has been able to:

  • Achieve cost savings with a return on investment
  • Improve field service operational efficiencies through fewer site visits, access issues, false alarms, and theft
  • Significantly reduce site intrusions
  • Annually reduce 20,800,000 driving miles and 8,403,200 KG of CO2 emissions
  • Reduced risk and liability of service disruption
A dollar bill in the clouds at the top of 1 over 3 hierarchy structure with a phone containing a lock with a hand using that phone, a location marker and a wrench, and a document below. Only tones of white, grey, and red are used.

See More Success Stories

North American Wireless Carrier 1 Success Story

One of the largest wireless carriers in North America maintains tens of thousands of remote cell sites that utilize outdoor shelters, cabinets and other enclosures to protect assets. These cell sites require constant maintenance and equipment upgrades requiring both employee and vendor field technicians to frequently access sites.


The wireless carrier’s research data revealed that each employed field technician was spending on average 12 hours per week escorting vendor technicians to provide site and equipment access utilizing physical keys.


SES provided an end-to-end remote access control security solution that supports all types of cell sites. This solution enables their employee field technicians to share secure and temporary access to vendor technicians using their smartphone once access is authorized within the system.


Excessive and redundant technician truck roles to the sites and physical keys are no longer required for a vendor technician to access a site. As a result, SES significantly simplified logistics and improved operational efficiencies during vendor site visits. The wireless carrier experienced a 6 month Return On Investment with substantial ongoing annual savings.

North American Wireless Carrier 2 Success Story

A nationwide large wireless carrier in North America is rolling out thousands of 5G remote outdoor cell sites enclosed in cabinets and shrouds to differentiate in the marketplace and support their mobile customer’s ongoing service needs.


This wireless carrier was experiencing battery and equipment theft at many sites throughout the country that caused significant damage, network downtime, and monetary losses. Site access history around the time of the theft was unknown.


The wireless carrier implemented the SES cabinet solutions for new and existing cabinet sites consisting of an internal door blocking solution for new cabinets and an external pucklock solution for existing sites.


The wireless carrier experienced no theft in the sites protected by SES. As a result of this robust cabinet security solution, the wireless carrier eliminated the financial loss of a magnitude of tens of millions of dollars and improved network up-time.

North American Site Real Estate Owner Success Story

One of the largest real estate owners of communications sites in North America is expanding its properties and tenant base nationwide. These sites host several tenants and are comprised of expensive assets to include wireless antennas, network equipment and enclosures, and generators – all protected by a perimeter fence.


Many employee and vendor technicians from the site owner and tenant organizations enter and exit these sites throughout the day. As a result, both the site owner and tenants need the ability to efficiently control access to protect their high-value assets.


SES’s integrated system now provides comprehensive perimeter gate and equipment enclosure security while allowing the site owner and tenants to remotely manage access to the site compound and their own assets. In addition, all parties have complete visibility to an access audit trail that records the Who, Where, When, and Why a technician visited each site.


Security, logistics, and operational efficiencies are greatly improved resulting in significant cost savings. Emergency and “on-demand” site visits are also more efficient and timelier. Communication between the site owner and tenant is greatly improved.

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