North American Site Real Estate Owner Success Story

One of the largest real estate owners of communications sites in North America is expanding its properties and tenant base nationwide. These sites host several tenants and are comprised of expensive assets to include wireless antennas, network equipment and enclosures, and generators – all protected by a perimeter fence.


Many employee and vendor technicians from the site owner and tenant organizations enter and exit these sites throughout the day. As a result, both the site owner and tenants need the ability to efficiently control access to protect their high-value assets.


SES’s integrated system now provides comprehensive perimeter gate and equipment enclosure security while allowing the site owner and tenants to remotely manage access to the site compound and their own assets. In addition, all parties have complete visibility to an access audit trail that records the Who, Where, When, and Why a technician visited each site.


Security, logistics, and operational efficiencies are greatly improved resulting in significant cost savings. Emergency and “on-demand” site visits are also more efficient and timelier. Communication between the site owner and tenant is greatly improved.

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