North American Wireless Carrier 1 Success Story

One of the largest wireless carriers in North America maintains tens of thousands of remote cell sites that utilize outdoor shelters, cabinets and other enclosures to protect assets. These cell sites require constant maintenance and equipment upgrades requiring both employee and vendor field technicians to frequently access sites.


The wireless carrier’s research data revealed that each employed field technician was spending on average 12 hours per week escorting vendor technicians to provide site and equipment access utilizing physical keys.


SES provided an end-to-end remote access control security solution that supports all types of cell sites. This solution enables their employee field technicians to share secure and temporary access to vendor technicians using their smartphone once access is authorized within the system.


Excessive and redundant technician truck roles to the sites and physical keys are no longer required for a vendor technician to access a site. As a result, SES significantly simplified logistics and improved operational efficiencies during vendor site visits. The wireless carrier experienced a 6 month Return On Investment with substantial ongoing annual savings.